Friday, February 17, 2006

Combining with Christianity

Well, combining with Christianity among other things. I have noticed that some people on these boards (and even more so on others) seem to have a problem with those who combine thier pagan practices with Christian ones.

So what about Voodoo, Santarie, Candomble, etc.? These relgions are combinations of Catholic and African (And sometimes South American Haitian, or Cuban as well!) practices. Hoodoo combines practices from Jewish mysticism, European witchcraft, African witchcraft, and who knows what else! Is this ok? These religions and practices have been around awhile and established themselves firmly, so we don't complain.

But why attack the Christian Wiccan? Perhaps two-hundred years from now this will be a popular religion! What about a Catholic who believes in reincarnation instead of Heaven? Have you ever met a Celtic-Recon who aslo practices Chaos magic? I bet there are a few out there.

My point is this, today's herisies are tomorrows standard practice, if we can accept established "odd-fellow" pairings, then why should the new ones bother us so much?

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