Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Frivolous, Addicting? How Do You Use Your Magic?

I know I'm starting to sound like a fluffy when I talk about "magical addiction" but it really does happen, and mostly to the young, impatient, and young in practice. Does anyone here suffer from it, dealt with it, or help others come to terms with it?

Some people view magic as a tool like anything else, and use it often, and sometimes for everything they could possibly think of using it for. I know many witches, magicians, and so forth that use it for little things like: changing the traffic lights, getting the waiter's attention, finding the best parking spot, and what-have-you. The argument often being, "Magic is a tool to make life easier, and we use it so."

Others view magic as a last resort, only using it after EVERY OTHER venue has been taken. Often viewed as a "gift" and "shouldn't be taken lightly."

And still, there are those out there that magic shouldn't be used save the ut-most EXTREME of times, that may never come up in a person's life. These are often feats that any average magical practitioner couldn't even pull off by themselves.
This is leading me into another topic of philosophical interest that I'll put into another thread.

So, where do you fall? I thought about making this a poll, but it requires too much explaining to be so.

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