Friday, October 07, 2005

Deity-Finding Process

I have been thinking about the Pagan relationships with deity (deities) and their understanding of deity . And I have a few questions to those of you who are theistic/theistically oriented in your approach (Illgrace, I do not wish to exclude you, by any means!):

The first question that comes to my mind as a Christian who has a bit of a polytheistic leaning herself is: how did you become aware of the deities you work with? Were you chosen by Them or did you choose to approach Them first?

How did you build a relationship and understanding of that deity? Was it something encouraged by the group/traditional framework in which you work? Or did you choose that deity outside the communal framework? Could the solitaries with no group experience just skip the question please? :-)

What were the sources you consulted and how did you evaluate UPG as compared to these sources? What were the methods you used/use for deity-relationship (meaning those that produce UPG or personal deity experiences specifically now)?

What are the terms you have with the deity? Are there even any or is it more of an occassional "Do this and I will do that for you" (on the deity's part!) type of relationship?

And another question: I remember Bob saying in the "Interpantheon Relationships" thread:

"However, if the person's UPG flies in the face of sources we do have, they get called on it." (my paraphrase)

I understand the sentiment expressed with this when it comes to extreme interpretations (such as Freya as a goddess of romantic (in the 19th century sense) love) but where is the line drawn with the UPG that can make a case for itself, while contradicting the sources/current scholarly interpretation (e.g Bast comes to a person as a godddess of passion and fertility (I think that fertility might be considered an aspect of prosperity and as the Bast of the Graeco-Roman period had taken over a few of Hert-herts aspects as a love and fertility goddess too)?

Could the Recons please clarify on the issue a bit and please feel free to call me on my as yet scarce knowledge of the Eddas and the Book of the Dead.

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