Sunday, June 17, 2012

Resources on Folk Magic, Earth Magic, etc.?

I'm looking for good, solid resources on folk magic and its origins, particularly things like charms and other actions/objects/words that might now be considered "superstition", rather than actual spells or rituals. I understand that is a fine and subjective line -- something I might call a "charm" could easily be considered a spell by someone else.

I'm thinking of the simple and fundamental things that get passed down, like pouring out a bit of the first milk to keep certain entities happy, using a rose quartz point to draw love, cleansing a room/building with sage, protecting your home by burying charged objects at the for corners of your property to create a shield, even things like knocking/touching wood to prevent jinxes.

I guess simplicity would be one defining factor in the type of thing I'm interested in. If that makes sense...

And I'm particularly looking for resources that discuss the reasons behind the action and/or the origins of it.

So, any favorite books/sites on folk magic, earth magic, maybe hedge witchcraft, etc.?

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