Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Issues with Credibility?

In my town, being a Pagan isn't the issue. Being an actual Pagan, or simply calling oneself a Pagan seems to be the issue, and it's one I think most of us in here come across more often than we think.

For example: there happens to be a local gay bar in my town that has allowed a woman to read the client's Tarot for a price, which she gets to keep. I've questioned her credibility since she told my Scorpio friend that he's a fire sign (when I believe we all know they're a water sign, correct?) yet she seems to be a well respected figure to the misinformed, unknowing crowd.

More so than that, I've become shocked at some of the "pagans" I've met who don't even know the simplest of principles from casting a circle or even the importance of the Elements and the Watchtowers. Most of them have no historical background to their blind faith and simply follow it for the spell craft. I doubt any have taken any sort of year and a day for studying.

Now the same Tarot lady from the gay bar is intending on opening a mini occult store inside the bar. This...really disturbs me. I can just see my exploited religion being turned into a side fad for the community, and let's face it, how are a bunch of drunken gay boys going to take something like Paganism seriously, especially from one so misinformed? It actually makes me quite angry that people like me who do take the time to read and learn don't get a say in this...but I also feel as though this isn't my place to say anything.

I understand that Paganism is beautifully crafted to be subjective, and two Pagans are very rarely the same. I do believe, however, that it's a good idea to know the history and the facts of Paganism with the many spiritual beliefs that coincide with it. It gives a since of background to know why we believe what we believe and why it is we use what we use.

In situations like this, what have you done as a Pagan?

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