Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting over the Hump (of Prior Beliefs)

I was raised to believe that spiritual travels were something to be afraid of. In "born-again" Christianity, it is believed that if the soul leaves the body, you leave your body vulnerable to demonic possession. I was taught that meditation as in deep contemplation and thought was acceptable, but to stay in full control over my mind and not to meditate in the Eastern sense.

I'm 30 years old and I started breaking away about 10 years ago. I understand that Christians feared other paths and labeled other deities to frighten people. In an academic/historical sense, I have complete understanding about how the Old Religions were stomped out... and I truly believe that much of humanity suffers spiritual disconnect. Which is what has enabled us to institutionalize such horrors as factory farming, whaling, oil drilling, strip mining, etc, etc.

I have this intellectual understanding of WHY I'm drawn to paganism. But I can't get over the hump of letting go of fears that were embedded deep within my psyche from 20 years of programming.

I've heard "ghost stories" from people whom I trust to be honest about tools like Ouija boards inviting the wrong sort of spirits in people's homes. And I know that people use sage to cleanse a home of evil spirits.

So... if I want to begin to meditate and commune with other entities... are there precautionary measures to take?

Another embedded fear is that demons communicate in disguise. Christianity teaches that demons mask themselves as such things as spirit guides. I feel conflicted because I've felt disconnected from Christianity for so long for so many reasons... but my spiritual fabric was entwined so deeply in it for so long that I feel it's blocked me from engaging on other paths on anything deeper than an academic level. I know "about" other religions, beliefs, etc. I know "about" meditation, astral projection, spirit guides, etc. But I haven't been able to take the plunge and explore on a personal, spiritual level.

Can anyone relate? Any tips for easing in the waters?

Oh and one last thing... I have tried meditating, astral projecting, and remote viewing here and there. I've gotten as far as feeling my spirit start to detach in that tingly way. But I always pull back in. I guess I sort of gave up, it's been a long while.

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