Sunday, December 25, 2011

Getting my Witchy Groove Back

So, I've been going through a very long phase of evaluating my spiritual life, or lack thereof. I've come to realize that one thing I really need to do is to build a personal spiritual practice that I can rely on every day, rather than constantly looking to a group to meet my spiritual needs.

I wanted to ask folks here... what are the sorts of everyday things you do to keep your spiritual groove? How do you weave your path into, say, your job? Or running errands? I'm looking for simple things I can do, easy crafts I can make, etc. If it's not something simple, it won't happen... a 15 minute daily devotional I could work into my life, but not a complicated, hour long ritual that involves 17 different offerings that I have to make.

I want to put some spiritual touchstones in my work environment, but I'd like them to be fairly unobtrusive so I don't have to answer 500 questions about them (though most people at work know I'm Wiccan). I want to "witch up" my house, but I need ideas that are frugal and cat-proof (altars on every flat surface aren't going to work...)

I'm sort of going back to basics here, but coming back to "square one" after being on the path for 15+ years is different. I'm not getting that newbie enthusiasm back. But at least I have a good idea of what's likely to work for me, and what I've failed at in the past (and why).

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