Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Overcoming Obstacles/Growth of Self

Many of us have mentioned at one point or another that our religious path(s), our work if you will, involves the overcoming of obstacles in order to grow. Some of those obstacles come from outside, but many of them are self-created and to leave them in place would mean stagnation.

Self-created roadblocks are the hardest to overcome, IMO; many of mine are in place for reasons of "safety". To look at each one and determine what needs to be removed is frightening...and to know that I *must* act in order to grow (tear down to rebuild) is overwhelming at times. And the methods by which the obstacles are removed are not easy. I've been shaken to my core a number of times, seen my place in the grand scheme of things and how small I really am, and I've not embraced the journey wholeheartedly yet.

So, for others that may have experienced this need to tear down to rebuild...were you frightened? How did you overcome the fear so you could get down to business? What have you incorporated in your life to make it easier to handle (if that's even possible)?

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