Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Glamoury of Love Spells

As happens with me quite frequently, I find that some old lesson has been triggered from the depths of my mind by something I read on the web. Tonight that trigger just happens to be centered on love spells.

Buy nearly any pagan book today and there is almost without a doubt a section that talks of love spells. Not only talks of them but some pretending to actually teach the novice how to cast one and bring the love of their lives to them. If not bring it to them then how to save an existing relationship or reignite a love grown cold.

Yet of all the lessons that float around in the corridors of my mind none seem to trigger faster than that of the supposed love spell. No spell more mis-stated than that of attracting or bringing love to oneself.

In the movie Aladdin there is a scene where Genie tells Aladdin there are three provisions to his magic. The facet I wish to address is that "He cannot make someone love you!"

In my youth this little Old Italian Lady taught me that Love Spells are nothing but glamouries. Well glamouries and the foundations to be used for the most critically weaved curses and hexes. The easiest spell or intent to weave and the most dangerous to the caster in practice and application. Danger derived mostly from stupidity on the casters part and an assumption of what a love spell is or can do.

It was through her instruction that I came to understand that a love spell does nothing in regards to bringing love to the caster. In essence all it really does it cause a glamour to appear over the eyes of the person who the love spell is directed at. To cause them to see the caster in the reflection of their deepest sense of love and connection. But the critical facet always being it is not the caster that is seen in the eyes of the enchanted person but the reflection of their own sense of love and emotion. In essence those under the spell do not even see the real person beneath the glamour.

Yet there in also lies the curse / hex facet of the love spell. It will end, usually do to the enchanted person's view of love and emotion changing over time though the glamour remains stagnate and unchanging. The other facet is that even though beneath a glamour, the person will still sense and see fragments or cracks in the glamour that filter into the sub-conscious. Perhaps not right off, but with time the glamour will come crashing down upon the caster and before the one enchanted. Sort of the notion that an illusion cannot stand before the cold reality of the truth.

Many times with diasterious results happening to both the spell caster and the recipient of the spell. At times without and out violence resulting as the target of the glamour begins to fight and resist the spell. Frequently coming to associate and direct their anger towards the person who was the subject beneath the glamour. Anger frequently fueled because of the sense of deceit and manipulation they were submitted to. Even from the sense of being treated as less than human at best and exploited for some sense of amusement at worse.

Yet still the many books speak of casting the love spell to bring true love to them. Many sites still hold their BOS's with their included love spells for the novice to utilize and bring "Love" to them. Yet never speaking of the danger that such a foolish usage of magic can unleash.

Yet perhaps I once again am out of step with the world in my beliefs and the way I was trained to look at things.

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