Saturday, July 10, 2010

The One and True Everything

In monotheism, everything is about one. Everything has one ultimate purpose under one ultimate truth and we are all one with everything anyway. There may be gods, but like everything else, they are merely aspects the ultimate unified super deity that rules everything.

Here's a thought... a question, I guess... What if there is more than one thing in the universe?

What if we are not truly one? What if different things had differing origins and destinies? What if things are not all on the same page? In short... what if polytheism is a better way to map the universe than monotheism?

Monotheism and polytheism are more than just choices in beliefs. They are ways of ordering the world. The Monotheist demands that the world conform in its essential identity and be not many, but one.

Polytheism does not require unity... you could say it calls for disunity. There isn't one ultimate creation or creator... so you get some stars that are older than the universe. (an interesting googleable if ever there was one) Polytheism says that things are not "one". There is no one truth about anything... there is no one right way to see things...

...therefore polytheism is libertarian... maybe even anarchy... but there is no single authority... there are many diverse authorities or there is none at all.

I am a polytheist. I don't believe in the one ultimate truth. I believe in many ways and many truths. I am omnisexual and polyamorous. A satyr among fauns.... a minor god with cloven hooves and a name that means "everything".

Polytheism is not a matter of belief. Monotheism is uniquely about belief and faith. Polytheism cannot lay claim to truth, and therefore cannot ask for faith. Believe what you will... the polytheist has a different way to order the world... he does it without truth.


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