Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thoughts on a Bio made on Paganism/"Earth-Based Religions"

This is a bio piece my campus group, the Society for Earth-Based Religions, participated in at Ball State Campus. This bio piece was done by a few students (a couple guys I know from a few of my religious studies classes) for their end of the year project. I'm posting this here to gather opinions and feedback about the views put forth in the video by the group. Complaints, Pointing out flaws in arguments, Words of appreciation, all is fine by me.

Big reason behind my bothering in the first place is that I've been in the group for going on four years now (it will be my fourth year in the group come august), and the last group of people in the pagan community that really commented on what we do as a group (we're sort of like a pagan-study/Theological discussion group that is pagan focused), what we represent and such was at the 2009 Indianapolis Pagan Pride Day (which we've been attending for the past two years as a group). So I'd just like to see what the bigger community of pagans, and non-pagans, thinks seeing as you all are varied, and far more capable of an intelligent conversation and feedback than I am.

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