Saturday, June 12, 2010

Communicating philosophical/spiritual ideas to a wider audience?

I know there are people who post on here who write blogs and perhaps even get books published, and I'm particularly interested in their responses - but I'll be interested in anyone's thoughts on this.

I've got some interesting (at least to me!) philosophical ideas (about the relationships between information, communication, and action among other things) which I don't at present believe I've seen clearly written down by anyone else. I'm not an academic philosopher so I might have missed something (quite easy I suspect) but nonetheless I suspect I have a fairly new position developed through my particular (somewhat interdisciplinary) experience. I think some of the ideas can help people understand things which are useful to them, but the ideas are really difficult to explain clearly - and I'd like to explain them to interested "lay" readers, not just to academics. I think I can explain not only why some things happen the way they do, but also give people a model of how those things work, so people can use it to think about other related problems. I've thought about writing a book then trying to get it published, or writing a blog (but it would probably be like a long series of essays). I'd really like to get my ideas to the most people possible who might benefit from them, but I've been struggling (for many years) to think what the best way to achieve this might be.

I'm not sure how well worked-out all the ideas are (although they've been developing over a number of years, so I hope they are beyond pure beginner's enthusiasm). Also I hope I'm not misjudging the usefulness of my ideas. In both cases, I think I'll only find out by exposing the ideas to lots of other people. I've got some reasonable experience of explaining difficult ideas to people, but I'm sure I could be better. So my question is - how do you think I should set about doing this?

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