Thursday, November 13, 2008

Druids and Curses?

I was talking to a friend at school who is also pagan. I asked her this question that I'm getting ready to ask here...

"Do you think that the Druids used curses as well as cures? Do you think their view of nature was 100% positive or do you think they balanced it with the negative... I don't really think they viewed 'light and dark' since Nature is a combination of the two... What's your opinion"

Her reply was that she felt the same way that I did... That the Druids must have believed that there was a balance and that in worshiping a Deity one must take responsibility for self before asking the Deity to act on their behalf... I do feel that the Morrigan and many others would not put up with childish behavior and hand answers on silver platters... I remember thinking of Her and I had this feeling, "You may be my servant, but don't think it will come easy and don't think I will give you every request... You must help yourself before I will help you." And it truly made so much sense and I really do feel that's how it works.

So, what's your views... Do you think the Druids did curses as well as cures? Do you think they recognized both the positive and negative aspects of Deity and Nature? If so, why? If not, why?

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