Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Astral Threads

Occur to me this morning, when talking to a TC member, I have been using these and not labeling them as such ... in my mind.

Most of what I have read or others speak of, lean more to use while journey’s, other words/dimensions and so on.
Some on mundane uses.. or staying within this world/dimension...? Viewing real time and space on the mundane. *some RVing stuff out there too*

I'm wondering just how often we use these and for what purpose. What do others see them as looking like? How do you see them? When using them what do you apply them to? Do you send workings/spells through them? do you see them as a channel to move info/energy/images through? a tunnel with a door *or not* that swings both ways? *send receive*

What is your belief, thought, or scholarly studies lead your understandings of Astral Threads, and are there other types of these threads that I have no name for? Or are they all categorized under Astral Threads even when used on the mundane level, and as we look through to the future with our forms of divination?

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