Friday, September 19, 2008

Libation Trivia: Who has to clean that up?

OK, so the other night Hubby and I were watching Troy. And, you know, whole other discussion there, but what I want to ask about is: About the second or third time the characters poured a libation to the Gods before drinking, Hubby says, "Who has to clean that up?"

...And I realize I have no idea. I know if I stood around in my house pouring wine on the floor, the floor would get pretty gross pretty quickly. Do we have any idea how they dealt with that, a-way back when? Were the floors just plain more absorbant (dirt, porous stone, etc.) or covered in disposable absorbent stuff (I'm thinking rushes/straw here) or something that would make it less of a problem than it is now with our carpet and linoleum and whatever? Were libations not poured on the floor indoors? Did they just not care if the floors got gross? Something else I'm completely missing?

I know this is a detail that makes no real difference and probably hasn't got much to do with anything, so it's not something that I'm really that worried about finding the answer to. It's just got me a little curious, and I thought I'd see if anyone here had an answer.

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