Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ethics & The Use of Magic

The Hex thread touches on ethics and the use of magic... what's considered appropriate under what circumstances, what guidelines we as individuals use in choosing to use magic, and what limits we place on ourselves magically. It seems to me the subject deserves its own thread, so here it is!

Let's look at this from the standpoint of teaching someone young and new to magic.

* If you were the teacher, would you include ethics in your lessons?
* Do ethics even have a place in magical practice?
* What ethical principles, rules, and guidelines are important in magic?
* What ideas are nice guidelines, but not really rules to live by, in your opinion?
* What should be magically taboo, if anything? Are there circumstances when a normally taboo spell might be acceptable?
* What words of wisdom would you give to a novice in helping them make decisions about what is ethical and appropriate?
* Related but not directly about ethics, is there an appropriate escalation of action or spells when dealing with a problem? Is there a specific sequence of steps that you take when confronted with a problem?
* If you are young and new to magic, what questions or concerns do you have about ethics as they relate to magic use?

These are just a few questions to get everyone thinking. Please add others to the thread as you think of them.

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