Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tarock for Divination?

Can Tarock cards be used for divination, or only Tarot cards?

I ask as I have never used Tarot cards for divination and recently came across a vintage set of Tarock cards for sale that I had a vague memory of playing with as a child. These cards were very well worn exactly as the ones I had played with had been. The numbers, the art , and the style of the clubs, everything was the same. I remembered as a child not knowing what the numbers were used for. I didn't buy that set, but I did purchase an identical vintage set of unused cards. I didn't want the used set because I hoped the cards could be used for divination.

A sticker on their boxes said they were a souvenir of Nebraska. They are Czech Tarock playing cards. I had older cousins who's father was originally from Nebraska. Two of those cousins have since passed on.

If it is possible, I would like to try to use these cards for divination.

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