Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Term "Witch"?

I know that there are some people on here that have been in Wicca for a long time (the beginning?). I have been wondering why they would choose to call themselves a witch? Wicca was created in the last century so they could have used any term to describe themselves, but they chose a word that already had negative connotations. Now they spend all there time defending themselves. "We are not evil." "Not that kind of witch." etc. Just saying 'Wiccan' should have been fine. Nice, obscure, had no prior baggage. I've even seen references to a whole debacle with BTW fighting that "we are the one, true witches, all others are posers" so that people decided to call themselves Wiccan to avoid it (and now they are on the "we are the one, true Wiccans, all others are posers").

Wouldn't it just have saved time and energy if they didn't try to redefine or clean the rep of the term 'witch' in the first place?

Any history on the decision to use the term 'witch'?

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