Sunday, July 22, 2007

Altars and Simplifying

I have a...altar?...shrine?...shelf for Brighid. It currently has about a dozen candles and oil lamps, as well as an aloe plant, an offering bowl, an offering cup (for Irish Mist), a pottery piece I use in my morning purification ritual, and a number of stones and crystals.

I think it's gotten redundant. I don't need all these candles -- because I AM the offering to Brighid. In her own words to me, "I can play these strings like a harp"; I am Her harp, Her instrument, Her tool -- and a harp does not need a lot of trappings. Tools don't need tools.

I need to simplify my altar and get it in order, and I think it's a metaphor for needing to simplify and get my life in order -- at least in regard to my path. I've been feeling torn in so many directions lately. There's so much to learn and I want to learn it all NOW.

So, I think I'm going to simplify my altar, as a exercise that I can then apply to my spiritual life.

Anyone in a similar situation? Thoughts?

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