Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Magick for "Sale"?

I'm not talking about the tarot shop that you drive by every day or the place where you buy your incense. I am talking about the seemingly endless supply of "enchanted" rings/necklaces/dolls/etc... that is all over eBay and other places on the Internet.

I remember when the whole "selling haunted things on eBay" was a new craze, but to me this seems like a whole different level.

I am talking about the countless items listed every day on eBay that are supposedly bound with spirits, demons, djinn, or magick powers. Obviously there are a lot of snake oil salesman and that is to be expected. But more and more I see sellers who have created a veritable BUSINESS of selling things that are imbued with magickal powers, and somehow, most of them have a pretty respectable feedback rating. I'm not just talking about the eerie looking doll someone finds in their garage and lists as haunted, I am talking about people who are listing all sorts of amulets/talismans/rings for certain purposes or to "control royal djinn" or something similar.

To me, this says one of two things. One, eBay (or the Internet in general) is filled with people looking for a miracle and desperate to try anything. People who will buy one of these items and think that they are experiencing something when in reality there is nothing going on. Or two, there are some practitioners of various magickal paths who are running some sort of assembly-line chop shop just putting spells and binding spirits to every little trinket they can find.

Personally, I wonder if it is a bit of both But I really wonder what kind of karmic repercussions these purveyors of magick trinkets are raking up (if any)... Karma aside, you would think that whatever spirits, deities, etc. these people are dealing with would be able to stand up and realize the blatant abuse of knowledge and act accordingly. But there's a never-ending stream of these items and happy buyers all over the place. Of a different ilk, there are people who are more than happy to sell you a magick working that they and their "coven" or magick group of friends will do just for you, once you send them a hundred dollars through PayPal.

I'm not surprised at how rampant the buying and selling has become, rather, I can't believe how many people are buying into this, not thinking they were conned, and becoming repeat customers. I will be the first to say that I am not experienced in magick at all, I am just getting acquainted to the ritual side of Wicca like the Sabbats. But every thing I've read, from fluff-bunny Wicca books to serious magick texts I've seen online make a couple things very clear... That being that magick is much more powerful when worked by YOURSELF and also that it is rarely given with "no strings attached."

How then, is all of this working (or isn't it)
Any thoughts on this?

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