Monday, June 04, 2007

Correspondance: Subjective or Objective?

It doesn't matter what it is - color, scent, herbs, whatever - it has a correspondence. I've seen so many lists of what certain colors mean that I've noticed they rarely agree on the finer points. I've started my own list of what colors bring to my mind, and I'm finding it to be very, very different from the lists I've found online and in books.

It's made me wonder, are these correspondences subjective or objective? If I were to do a spell for courage, should I use the general agreed-upon color of red or my personal color of orange? Would that even affect the spell at all? Or does the color even matter if the intent is the same? If that were the case, then I could just as easily use a white candle for every spell, regardless of correspondence. (Which would be far easier - it's hard to find colored, unscented candles!)

I'm curious for opinions. Does using a specific color for a specific purpose matter in a spell? Or is it simply a subjective thing that can vary wildly from person to person?

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