Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I know that people worship many names of God. I don't understand why some people throughout history choose to worship many Gods. I hope to be enlightened by those of you who do. I cannot wrap my mind around it.

We marvel at the rhythms and order and chaos in the universe. We feel the power of God in the stones, and plants, and light, and each other. We can study biology, geology, and psychology.

We can appreciate these things separately and wonder at their own complexities. But it is the whole that is infinitely astounding. Have people broken up the forces of existence, classified them, and given them separate names?

Do some Gods possess certain attributes but not others? Wouldn’t that be called a spirit or maybe a piece of God? Can the different Gods be the voices of the same God? Why would you only want to worship part?

Maybe a certain God possesses attributes that appeal to us because He or She is similar to us. But we are only human. So a God like us is only as much as we are. Or maybe a certain God holds messages that we find appealing or wise or powerful. But don’t you feel there is more?

The wholeness of existence is what I marvel at. If you follow certain Gods but not others, how can you seek to know the whole? Do the many Gods act as guides? Do they lead you to the whole?

I can appreciate a flower. I can be absolutely amazed by it. But it is in knowing that it is only a piece that I am awestruck. It’s when all of the Gods and spirits and magic and energy and matter are together that God exists.

That is what the word God means to me. In writing this, I think I have answered a lot of my own questions, but I’ll post it anyway.

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