Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Defining "Patron"

I feel the term "Patron", in reference to a patron deity, is over-used... or maybe just not wholly descriptive of the sorts of relationships we have with the Gods.

If we want to use "Patron" to mean a relationship where one gets "thwapped" by a God, then I think we're excluding a larger category. In this sense, a Patron is a God that has chosen us for service. What about the Gods we choose to serve?

Or, in other words, can the term "Patron" include non-thwapped working relationships between people and Gods? Should it? Should we stop using the term "Patron" and find something else?

I'm not usually one to argue semantics, but we've had a lot of conversations recently talking about being, or not being, thwapped and what "thwap" means... so it's probably time we talked about this as well.

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