Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sharing for Recons: What and How?

Reading Kiya's thread The Reconstructionist Book Problem and Jenett's recent PBP post B is for Book I began to wonder: given the difficulties that the reconstructionist approach can have with regard to academic books and the perception of academic culture, how does the average recon, or otherwise historically-informed practitioner, best share the knowledge they have acquired? What kind of information is best shared, aside from a general reading list? What kind of information does not share well? What kind of information is not shared but really needs to be?

Obviously, the answers to these questions will vary between the cultures each religion is attempting to reconstruct, and I'm looking forward to culture-specific answers as well as more general answers that apply to the approach as a whole. What do you share? What don't you share? What ways do you disseminate information, and do you think these methods can or should be improved?

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