Monday, December 03, 2012

Time to Learn?

I've wondered how much time others spend learning and practicing, devoting themselves to the "homework" of spirituality. For very specific reasons, I find it hard to spend time reading about how to do X ritual or Y spellworking, to concentrate on my spiritual life with [insert life here]. Though I know that " a little a day keeps the funk at bay" I feel that if I can't devote full attention to what I'm doing, I shouldn't be doing it. That it'd be an insult to the gods to just "go through the motions" each day. I guess I'm wondering, how do you learn?

Do you sit down for X hours before bed/ in the morning?
Do you read and study your craft, or are you purely hands-on practitioner?
Do you practice your craft nightly/weekly/monthly/holidays-only?
Do you study on nights you practice, or immediately put your studying into practice?
Do you have a teacher to help you? A partner to work with? A group?
Were you raised in a spiritual household, or are you finding your way on your own?
How long have you been on your current spiritual path / working with the system you use today? How long have you been studying your current craft?

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