Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Towards Daily Worship

I'd like to start doing the type of daily morning/evening devotions that I've noticed a lot of people on this forum do, but I have no background whatsoever in this sort of thing and I'm floundering around a bit trying to figure out where I should even start.

Can anyone who does devotions of this sort tell me how you got started? What did you begin doing first? (I'm pretty eclectic at the moment at least, and most of the gods I feel drawn to are either Celtic or Egyptian, but I think this is a general enough question that advice from someone of any path would help)

First I feel like I should buy a small table and an altar cloth and set it all up so that I can have an altar area. But what would be the point in that I still have nothing to put on it and nothing to do with it? Or I could start collecting images of the gods --- but my room is awfully messy, and so I don't want to do that until I have somewhere to put them. I don't want them to sit on my dirty floor and get trampled by my roommate. Or I can start collecting relevant hymns and prayers before objects . . . but not having an altar space and so forth would make it difficult to do offerings, wouldn't it?

I keep going around in circles like this, and it's really frustrating to me because I do feel like this is something I should be doing, but I can't figure out how.

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