Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Power of Language

In some religions, the word is the building block for everything. There's a lot of discussion of being "true to one's word" or "language has power" in a lot of different religions.

So - what does your religion say about language? Is it important? Are words "just words" or more/different than that?


In FlameKeeping, language has a lot of power. It's what gives us the ability to have abstract thought and communicate it to each other. Just look at the frustration a baby has, and we have with that baby, when s/he cannot express what's wrong. Then language is learned and communication happens.

If language is to be useful, it must be clear. Words have a lot of power. Ask anyone that's crying because of what someone else said, and you can see that power. It might not be a physical power, but words can worm their way into our minds and change the way we see. We judge people by their words as well as their actions, and how well they line up. Language has power.

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