Friday, November 04, 2011

Grounding and Centering Techniques

Grounding and Centering is one of the first things that gets mentioned when someone starts talking about energy work or how they are feeling, but I seldom see (in the wider pagan universe) a conversation on technique.

For me at least, grounding and centering did not at all come naturally and I really struggled with this "first step" on the path. And because I struggled with grounding and centering, my shield work was a complete mess. Which was, at the time, hugely discouraging since it seemed to be taken for granted that these were a skills anyone should be able to do.

Eventually, I had a couple of people walk me through their process step-by-step and we worked out something that I could use. This would likely have taken much less time if I hadn't been so shy about announcing my struggles to the world, but it's hard to admit that you aren't getting something.

So, since I am once again exploring various pieces of my belief system and practices - I'd like to go back to this "first step" and see if I can learn something new. (And maybe help other people who find themselves similarly stuck.)

When you find the need, how do you ground and center? Are the certain motions you make? Images that you keep in mind?

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