Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1st Annual TC WInter Holiday Card Exchange

As has been suggested by a couple of members in the Holidays thread, The Cauldron will be doing a Winter Holiday Card Exchange for the first time this year.

Here's how it works:

Anyone interested in participating should PM or email me by midnight (US Eastern Time), November 30.

Include your mailing address, and tell me if you are willing to be paired with someone in a different country (which will mean you'll have to spend more in postage).

Then I'd take all the names and do a random draw to set each participant up with a recipient. Nobody would receive a card from the same person they're assigned to send to. I will PM the name and address of your recipient to you by December 6.

Cards can be handmade or store bought. They must be sent in time to arrive at their destination by December 18.

If anyone wants to include a small, inexpensive, handmade gift, that is OK, but not required. Enclosures must be something that could fit inside the card and it's normal envelope, and not require any extra packaging. Nothing breakable or perishable. (I'm envisioning something along the lines of origami, pipe cleaner decorations, drawings, poetry, a postcard, a photo, a pressed flower, or something like that. It's important that nobody feels pressured to spend more than a few dollars on this exchange.)

Participation in the card exchange is strictly voluntary. By contacting me with your address, you are acknowledging that The Cauldron is not responsible for any problems that might result from participation in the exchange.

(Forum membership required for participation)

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