Monday, September 28, 2009

Download Hundreds of Magic Spells

The Cauldron's webmaster has collected hundreds of spells, most of which cannot be put on this site due to time, space, or other constaints. If you cannot find any spells here (or elsewhere on the web -- try googling) that could suit your purpose, the web master will be happy to search through his files and send you any spells he feels might be likely candidates via email (see our Spell Search Service for more information) or you can obtain a zipped collection of the text files with most of the webmaster's collection of spells for your own use -- over 1.5 megs of text files containing hundreds of spells. Here are some of the files included:

over 275K of love spells
over 200K of healing spells
over 150K of herbal spells
over 140K of protection spells
over 100K of money spells
over 60K of "wishing" spells
over 50K of "reversing spells"
over 30K of luck spells
and files full of justice spells, glamour spells, poppet spells, banishing spells, employment spells,lost things spells and more.

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