Monday, May 04, 2009

How Religion can Affect a Child?

When thinking about how religion can affect the life and mind of a child, I automatically think of the more obvious examples. For instance how my five year old neice tells me that she is going to see her Great Grandpa again one day even though he died. She has been told this by her grandmother, and understandabley she thoroughly embraces the idea.

But how about the more simple ways that religion or religious practices can affect a child?

I came from a very non-religious family. Thus I had no religious messages given to me by my parents. And yet, nowadays, when I want to talk to my Goddess, I sometimes find myself pressing my palms together as if in prayer. Where have I got this from? Have I picked this up from television? Perhaps the few times I went to Church as a child? My Goddess has not asked me to do this (in fact I think She even finds it somewhat comical) but often I catch myself about to do it.

I often wonder what children think about the religious things they witness. I remember being fascinated by the enormous crucifix my Great Aunt had on her living room wall, and my mother urging me not to stare at it. I wonder what I thought of such a thing?

Do you think children should be explained the meaning of such religious messages, or do you think it is better left unsaid? Why?

Do you remember being confused, intrigued or influenced by a religion or religious practice when you were a child?

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