Saturday, January 10, 2009

Attention: Walmart release new line of deities! Get yours now!

Well not really. It's not actually that bad. It's also not about thoughtful ecclectics, syncretists and others who want to stake a reasonable claim to the territory. What it is about is an attitude that seems to me to be increasingly prominent over the time that I have been actively involved in pagan thought and communities (say from 1974) on the east coast of Australia. More and more I see people advocating and practicing an approach to spiritual practice (especially 'choosing' deities) that centres on the extent to which the superficial aspects of the path or deity appeal to the seeker. There is little to no talk of the concerns and practicle considerations of this aspect of life. It often seems like buying the house because the display furniture looked good.

What do others think? Have you noticed it? What do you think of it?

BTW this came out more strident than intended. The softer version I started with was wishy-washy and boring, but it's essentially the same point.

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