Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moon phases in your magic(k)al practice?

Are you doing specific kinds of magic(k) at specific moon phases?

How serious do you take moon phases? Would you wait for the right moment to do a certain spell, work etc.?

What's most important about the moon in your magic(k)al practice? Waxing/waning or the amount of fullness? Do zodiacal signs of the moon matter for you at all?
For example:

* If you work with the full moon, does it matter to you if it's waxing to the full or waning from the full at the moment?
* If you work more with the waxing/waning aspect, does it matter to you if the waxing moon has just been a new moon or if it is a few hours away from being full?

With what kind of calendar do you work? Do you just look at the day or does it matter to you at all in which hour exactly the moon will be full, new etc.? How do you define full or new for your work? In what time frame is the moon full or new to you?

Are there any moon phases or constellations where you don't perform magic(k) at all?

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