Sunday, December 02, 2007

Self Realization?

Self realization or self honesty, I find, is very important when it comes to spirituality, but how does it affect your mundane life?

I use myself as an example: I have fairly good self realization, I know I am a good person and that I do good things, but I also know that I do have a spiteful and somewhat mean side. I usually keep it to myself, but it doesn't mean it is there. I acknowledge it and accept it and I also control it. I believe without self-realization that we can not progress as people or as spiritual beings. (Progression is very important to me.) It seems to me though that some people on a mundane level really don't like this. They want things to remain the same or perhaps people who truly understand themselves scare them.

I just wanted to see other opinion on this. Thanks.

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